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April Reading

Soul's Journey Lesson Cards

Soul's Journey

Lesson Card- Self Esteem 

It is easy to perceive others as being better than you. This is a trap of the ego. There is no one greater or lesser than you; there are only those who have learned how to reveal their gifts to a greater or lesser degree. Everyone is born with unique abilities of the soul, and just like snowflakes, no two are ever alike. You have a unique perspective to share with the world and have come back this time to put your stamp on it.

Perhaps you may not be aware or even “in tune” with your incredible and gifted self. Why not try to make a list of ten aspects of yourself or abilities you possess that you love and hold in high regard? It is not always easy to write about yourself, but sometimes you need to be reminded just how special you are. Remember that you did not come down to this schoolroom by accident. You have mean­ing and a reason for being. You are a treasure chest of incredible gifts and insights. Now is the time to celebrate you!


Heart Message

Open Up ~ Key Words: “Withdrawal, blocks, control, release.”


“Sometimes past sorrows cause you to withdraw – both from your emotions and from other people – as a way of preventing further pain. However, this closing up or shutting down prevents a free flow of energy from and to you, interfering with the ability of the Universe to fulfill your desires. When this card appears, it suggests that you may have blocked or closed off your energy field in some way. Have you let sadness or fear prevent you from moving forward into more satisfying, loving relationships? Release this blocking energy by working with affirmations, prayers, and your Spirit Guides. The more you open up your energy field, the sooner you will receive what you desire.

Also watch out for the need to control. For relationships to thrive, the energy must be free flowing. Everyone must have the right to self-expression. When you open yourself up, you allow your relationships to grow and evolve.”*

– John Holland

Angel Guidance

Angel Message

Heart Chakra 


"Love is the Heart of the matter. Your heart is the center within your physical being attuned most to love. It's safe for you to love and be loved with an open heart, as we stand by with perfect protection and guidance."

The Angels gave you this card because the answer to your question rests within your heart. The more that you open your heart, the more love, joy, and peace you'll feel. You can open your heart chakra by asking the angels to send their healing energy by visualizing your heart surrounded by pink light, by inhaling the fragrance of pink roses, by holding or wearing rose quartz crystal, and by focusing on love.

Additional Meaning for this card: Send light and love to your heart chakra. Take very good care of your cardiovascular health through exercise and healthy eating. A departed loved one who passed on from a heart condition is saying "Hello, I love you." Have a heart-to-heart discussion.