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Quantum Entanglement is a source for connecting like-minded people with a network of lightworkers, seers, seekers, and open-minded individuals looking to learn more about what is beyond. We bring a panel of the top experts in their field to better explain what is happening in the world around you. 


Our Story

We all learned we had similar visions about life, the world surrounding us, how we wanted to make an impact in the world and what we wanted for the future. Although we are uniquely independent of each other, we work amazingly well together. Building off each other's ideas with our distinctive perspectives and balancing each others' weaknesses with the others' strengths, is what we do best.

"Everyone has their own vision and at Quantum Entanglement we want to co-create with you.... a world of endless possibilities."  

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Joanna Crowder 

Founder & CEO (The Crown Chakra) 

Joanna began studying Metaphysics at a very young age. At first, she looked into Dream interpretations, Astrology & visions, but that quickly got her attention to study everything else under the sun; and then some. Joanna has always wanted to be able to pass along what she has learned through out the years, to those wanting to expand and grow. Her focus has been on developing skills & tools needed to help others communicate with their higher selves and learn to find balance within themselves. 
Joanna since then, has received her Ph.D. in Philosophy concentrating in Metaphysical Counseling from the University of Metaphysics. She is an ordained Minister, a Metaphysical Practitioner (Practicing Trinity Energy Progression & Reiki), a Holistic Psychotherapist, Speaker & Author.

Joanna has helped many not only find their life purpose but also how to create a life they love.  Her goal is to Teach, Mentor, Counsel and Help others Believe in themselves enough to chase their dreams and Love their life!


Keith Crowder

Co-founder Mindset Coach (The Root Chakra)  

Keith has dedicated his purpose to helping people achieve a healthy balance of lifestyle, nutrition and make smarter financial decisions. His experience from the financial industry, propelled him into wanting to help others on a more humanitarian level. After retiring in 2017, Keith decided he could do more by embracing what he loves most. People have grown to love Keith because of his down to earth and honest approach. His service to others reflects his passion for helping others become healthier versions of themselves.

Joanna & Keith have been on a Twinflame journey for the last 24 years. They have two amazing children, and are excited to work side by side, helping others overcome obstacles that they too have experienced and triumphed over.

Keith is currently a CrossFit Coach with a CFL2, has his USAWL-1 in weight lifting, also has his PN1 + PN2 from Precision Nutrition. He also has a Bachelor of Science from NC State University and is one of our Life Coaches,  on our team.

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Laura Antonelli

Holistic Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer & Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist (The Solar Plexus Chakra) 

Laura is passionate about helping you become the best version of you. Your brain is the most powerful muscle you can train. When you believe in yourself, the results will follow. She has created a path to live her passion by educating, empowering and guiding clients to achieve their highest self.  Laura's simplified approach to a life of vitality begins with a gradual transition to a Plant-Based diet with healing herbs and simple holistic techniques. "Together we will re-discover, heal and restore your radiant health. Your body is your temple for life."


Michelle Swist

Intuitive Energy Healer (The Heart Chakra) 

Michelle helps spiritually open-minded individuals bring their mind, body, and spirit into balance by guiding them into an elevated consciousness so they can live abundantly.

Michelle embarked on a complete wellness journey, which included a personal awakening. Through practicing such rituals as yoga and meditation, working with crystals, and in a moment of Spirit speaking to her, she learned she is clairaudient!

She immersed herself in the study of Reiki (life force energy), crystals for healing, and connecting with Angels. Further, she learned about the healing properties of plants, incorporating essential oils and plant-based tinctures into her wellness routine. Most importantly, embracing her ability to hear, see, feel, and know messages for others and herself. 

Michelle is passionate about her calling to use her gifts to serve others in their healing and spiritual wellness journeys.

•Intuitive Energy Healer
•Usui & Karuna Ki Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher
•Crystal Reader


R.L. Malpica

Lightworker, Spiritual Mentor & Life Coach (The Throat Chakra)

R.L. Malpica is the founder of Minds Like Mine’s, a movement based on conscious living, mindfulness, spirituality and enlightenment.
Minds Like Mine’s is not only a brand, it’s a network of like-minded individuals connected energetically while sharing healing techniques, free-thought, and knowledge on the path to the truth. ​

In addition, R.L. is a lightworker, conscious guide and spiritual mentor specializing in bridging the gap between a conditioned mind and individual oneness. For those looking to escape the confines of a prisoned mind and partake on a journey to enlightenment, R.L. Malpica assists in guiding, mentoring and coaching you along the path by utilizing different methods of inner work.

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Zergio Valenzuela

Lightworker, Specializing in Astrology Psychology (The Third Eye Chakra)

Zergio Valenzuela was born and raised in Tijuana Mexico. Since childhood (6 - 7 years old), he would experience a lot of anxiety and panic attacks almost every night. He felt like he couldn't breathe, with chest pain, and other physical symptoms, making him feel as though he was going to die every night. This began creating a new perception. Which opened him subconsciously to a different level of awareness.

Being introduced to a more abstract world when he was 15 years old, he found that he could switch those negative feelings into positive ones. Every human being has the power to create their own reality while being in this 3D experience, able to manifest anything. Zergio felt a calling to share this experience with others. While wanting FREEDOM, and time to travel, he began studying sports psychology in Grand Junction, Colorado to help others with their mind, body and spirit. Having different experiences and finding himself chasing money, he began to focus on business from 2012 to 2019. He was able to manifest financial freedom but was not content.

In order to help human beings raise their consciousness and become more aware, he knew he had something to share!  In 2020 he experienced a huge spiritual level up process, so leaving the money making game, he decided to follow his heart.

The focus now is on sharing Truth and devoting himself to spreading the message.  Zergio helps others activate their pineal gland while working on helping them make the rest of their lives the best of their lives.

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