Although I'm not an Astrologer, I do Love Astrology! Since I could remember, my uncle would always show me the stars through his amazing telescope, but then would also talk about the Universe for hours.  He spoke about the constellations and the galaxies and their measurements. How many light years away everything was and I was just so fascinated. I'm the girl who checks her horoscope every morning and during every major shift.  I still don't quite grasp it 100%, but that's why I have someone I go to for assistance in that department. For accurate astrological chart readings please visit he is really good. As for me, I help interpret what certain signs mean or what is happening globally on a collective scale.  Make sure to visit often to see what is happening and how it can affect you!

And for those interested in Biblical Astrology: Click HERE

Want to learn more?  You may know your Sun sign, but do you know your moon and rising sign?  Knowing more about yourself helps you realize what your weaknesses and strengths are.  Click here for a free birth chart calculator:  Calculator

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