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What Should We Do?

I get messages almost daily asking the same question… Joanna, what should we do? My answer, is always the same. At a time when most are hearing things that contradict each other, it’s hard to know what’s Truth and what isn’t. Although we live in a time of information, how do we TRULY know which […]

How to Raise Your Vibration

How to Raise Your Vibration  There are millions of ways, like there are millions of stars, to raise our unique vibrations. The key is, how to recognize what works for us and what doesn’t.   We all have a compass inside, guiding us towards what’s best. We can communicate with this compass by Feeling the […]

Self Worth

Self worth… Let’s picture the child version of ourselves, coming into this world with wonder and imagination, that feeling of taking adventures and spreading love. As we grow we face obstacles without really knowing what they mean or how to handle them, so we blame ourselves for not being able to help solve these problems. […]

Morning Thoughts in The Shower

For the purpose of this making any sense, let’s pretend we are computers….   So I’m in the shower, right around that time when we have our eyes closed and thoughts are going in and out just like they do during meditation. That moment where you don’t know how you got to this thought but […]

Morning Thoughts About Thoughts

You see you are in my thoughts right now literally…. In silence there is nothing but thoughts racing through your mind and you begin to find yourself wandering with these thoughts that then become words but those words which are spoken out loud are then filtered. Because we grow up being told “be careful what […]

5 Tips To Love Your Life

Tip#1-acknowledge that your surroundings are just a reflection of your thoughts. •The people and circumstances around you, are a reflection of where you stand on a scale of; where you have been, all the way up to where you desire to be. •What are you gravitated towards? What triggers your Fears? What surrounds you? •Whatever […]

Monday Morning Thoughts on Expression

I’m stuck… I’ve been feeling stuck for quite some time now and I realized this would be the way to get out of it. A lot has been changing and one main thing is ourselves.  At least from my experience, it’s like transforming from the ‘old me’ into the ‘new me’. Yes we do this […]

My Love Life Explained

Your Love Life isn’t just your Love Life; it’s your Life, right? I mean don’t we do everything in life around what is happening with our Love? Maybe my experience can help someone… For example, my “Love Life” really started back in 1997 and I can say my entire life has been based on this […]

To Ride or Not to Ride

For the everyday car driver this thought doesn’t enter their mind but for a biker it’s a bit different. You see, bikers have to worry about things like whether or not they will come back from their ride. It’s not something they all want to worry about but it is something that does cross their […]

Expect the Unexpected & Go with the Flow

  Every single day we go through obstacles, adversity, lessons, experiences etc. Some experience things more than others but overall, there is ALWAYS something changing. Let’s point out some examples just to make sure we’re on the same page. -one day we have a job the next we don’t and vise versa. -one moment we’re […]