People love them, people hate them and some people think its pseudo-science, black magic/ voodoo and other nonsense, some don't even believe energy exists haha! The problem is people easily believe what they read and hear straight away, if someone says something is bad you will most likely believe them. How do you know they did everything right to have the best experience? Their mindset may have not been all there, were they 100% open, did they proceed with this idea for at least more than five experiences. If someone experiences something once and says terrible things about it, it doesn't mean it was necessarily bad, this is where we need to do our own research, trial and error and to be truly open to each experience and idea. let your body be the physical evidence for what works for YOU, let your body guide you and feel what your body needs or doesn't need. I haven't always been the person to believe in crystals, In fact I knew nothing about them until three years ago. At that stage of my life I quit pursuing my "dream job" of being a professional football player. I met a lady that told me to go to a mind, body, spirit festival, I went there by myself eager to learn from experienced healers and see whatever else is unique or resonates with me. I ended up buying 10 crystals, on this day I had no idea why I was buying crystals, I just felt like I had too and plus they looked amazing. I had no judgement on crystals, I was open and didn't know much about them. After this day I started researching, overall I found some good information however I stopped researching as I wanted to understand them better myself through my own experience and not apply another persons perspective, knowledge or own experiences.

At this point all I knew is that crystals are naturally formed from the Earth over millions-billions of years, crystals contain energy whether you believe it or not, if they are formed from the Earth in dirt, water, receiving sunlight, moonlight, rain, oxygen from trees, plants and so on.. then they definitely contain oxygen or negative ions! I started learning about meditation because I wanted to see what the big deal was about it, I tried meditating with and without crystals, meditation itself is incredible and life changing! However crystals definitely amplifies the energy, emotions and bodily sensations. I would also do static stretching for long periods, hold crystals in my hand or where the pain was, it honestly helped ease the tension so much. As I was experiencing all of this I couldn't believe my eyes, I was truly getting rid of physical/emotional aches and pains, dont get me wrong though it wasn't easy I went through a lot of pain! My pain tolerance, focus and patience was definitely challenged. One day I ate way too much pizza which made my gut very bloated and sore, I figured I am going to lay down, focus and rub my belly with one of my new crystals I bought from the festival. I was curious to see if it would work and if crystals contain healing powers as people have so long believed. Keep in mind, my perspective; I wasn't thinking ah is this going to work, it better work, I hope it works and so on.. I was thinking complete healing, relief and soothing to my stomach, easing all the pain and I kept rubbing and thinking those affirmations. After roughly three minutes the pain went, I also tried this when I had my first headache after purchasing the crystals, it took around 10 minutes for my headache to go, however I wasn't rubbing my head like with my belly, I was moving the crystal around my head, I could feel the energy flowing to the tense areas slowly but gradually easing up completely. These were some of my first of many healing experiences with crystals, that opened me up to many possibilities. Non believers of crystals have said to me "its all mind over matter" this makes me laugh every time because they are honestly so right but yet so oblivious! We contain and emit energy, our thoughts enhance energy, our hands, feet and body channel energy. Over my 3 or so years of working with crystals I have realized, we are ultimately doing the healing, we are our own best healers, crystals are just another beneficial tool for our practices, an amplifier, enhancer - similar to the way we use protein for working out, health supplements, books for studying, stretching and massage for recovery, energy drinks for a stronger boost and so on. From my experience crystals are undeniably incredible! The more good words you speak into them, the more love and gratitude you express with them, the greater you raise the vibration of yourself and the crystals - strengthening and expanding your healing power. I am not claiming crystals can cure disease, but I believe they can be a vital tool to assist you and the rest of your health regime. Even if they don't cure disease, they help you sleep better, headache/physical/emotional pain relief, more blood and oxygen flow, wound and bone healing, confidence/energy boost, EMF protection, plant growth and the list goes on. If you can do all that with our own hands, thoughts and crystals without medications wouldn't you be happy with that. I have learnt this; crystals function like us and we both function similar to a computer, what we put in is a reflection of us, it is a part of us, what we store, we use, alter, remove and the process repeats - constant conditioning and re-conditioning. We can program a particular aspect to our liking, all of this correlates with the thoughts we feed ourselves, it becomes us, shapes us and we reflect this into the world. Same thing with crystals - the thoughts you put into them will alter their vibration, so be mindful and speak high vibrational affirmations to boost the healing effects. The best way that I have personally connected deeper to crystals, in order to feel and harness the frequencies is to spend long periods of time with them in forests, oceans, waterfalls anywhere with a lot of negative ions. Go immerse yourself into nature and meditate, stretch, sing, dance, hike, laugh, cry - do whatever makes you feel PURIFIED, ALIVE and VIBRANT. If you want to amplify and intensify all of that - crystals will be your best friend! Don't forget to feed your crystals and yourself loving, peaceful, nourishing, harmonious thoughts.


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