Dimensions Explained

We have established on our previous post that Dimensions are not places or locations, but levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate. The first dimension is the beginning of it all, the Light of consciousness, the I AM. The I AM is the only thing we know for sure that we are. The Collective soup of all that is. For anything to be, there needs to be a light of consciousness. Therefore what we know for sure is that I am conscious. As Eckhart Tolle said… “it is like the canvas on which paintings appear; this canvas is You the consciousness.” In scared geometry, it is the first circle that forms the seed of life. The first day of creation. The first of everything. In Science, The Big Bang. In spirituality “the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus said “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Its here and now.” In these days, Kingdom refers to dimensions or realms. We can see how what was being referred to as the formless and timeless essence of who we truly are, was being taken as something outside of ourselves….. when it’s a realm or dimension of complete still awareness of all that is within. And from there, Duality is born.

Dimension 2 Explained

Where dimension 1 is consciousness, endless time or light; Dimension 2 can be described as Space-Time. This is where Differentiation/Illusion/Interpretation appears. From a Sub-atomic level we can say we have a proton and an electron. A cell being split into two. In Science we have a Quasar and a Black Hole. As for awareness, we can say the front of your mind can be described as your conscious and your back of your mind, your subconscious. In Geometry it is the second dot that forms a line. This is the 2nd split in the flower of life where the Vesica Piscis is created and Duality is born.

It’s in between the one and the other where Balance exists…. In relationships, understanding that one point of view is just as right as the other, is when innerstanding happens. Find the common ground, the place in the middle that Unites both. The place in between the interpretation. Where harmonization happens and the 3rd dimension is born…..


There are two basic forces of creation, an expanding and a contracting force. These forces can also be described as masculine and feminine or as the Yin and Yang of the Taoist Tai Chi. The ascended masters teach that every form is created from a balanced interaction of the expanding and contracting forces. Yet these forces are not opposites; they are complementary. They do not cancel each other out; they merely balance each other. You can view the light and the dark/each side of the coin separately, or you can view it as a whole. Two opposite sides that both create the One.
Duality can be interpreted in two ways…. Positive or Negative but it is when perceived as neutral and balanced, that we gather all information needed to make a clear decision. You can say we are making a decision with both the right and left brain.
Consciousness itself is a duality. It is the seemingly paradoxical ability of being able to experience sensation and, at the same time, of being able to experience oneself experiencing that sensation.

Dimension 3

Welcome to the 3rd Dimension

Here we have Time, Space and Gravity. The past, present and future. Here, events become Reality. Even matter is perceived as “real”…. Remember, when we break it down to the subatomic level, we are photons. Light, having an experience in this 3rd dimensional reality. In this dimension we are learning how to Manifest our Realities, figure out our identity and overcome our ego driven selves.

The Unconscious Mind

We have our conscious, subconscious and unconscious now. Here we hold everything. The unconscious mind is often represented as an iceberg. Everything above the water represents conscious awareness while everything below the water represents the unconscious. The things that represent our conscious awareness are simply “the tip of the iceberg.” The rest of the information that is outside of conscious awareness lies below the surface. While this information might not be accessible consciously, it still exerts an influence over current behavior. You can call it the “Quantum” side of us. The deeper we look into our unconscious mind, the more we seem to understand about ourselves and the world around us. Our dreams are merely windows to our unconscious mind. As we dive deeper in, our awareness grows and brings us closer to the 4th dimension. 


At this level of consciousness Identity is the main focus. Here, humans are consumed with status, materialism, preoccupation with self, wealth and power. The 3rd Dimension is all about focusing on our identity or what others think of our identity which is driven by Ego.

Driven by Ego

As we continue to focus on our Identity, we realize it’s based on Ego Driven reasons.
Fear, pride, ignorance, jealousy, arrogance, self-righteousness, recognition and profit are all Driven by the Ego. In this dimension, we believe we are to shape our identity based on these reasons. Take a look at the Identity post and ask yourself if the things that define you are based on the reasons above. If so, you are operating from the 3rd Dimension. Recognizing this and understanding it, is the first step towards widening our level of awareness and helping us expand our consciousness into the 4th dimension.

Service to Self

The Third Dimension has shown us depth, perception of reality, matter and focus on identity…driven by ego. This has left us to understand that, we are individuals who are responsible for our own achievements. This is why we have put ourselves first above everything. Service to Self becomes the priority, without truly understanding that in order to raise our vibrations into that of higher awareness, we must look beyond ourselves and see that we are all interconnected…. Quantumly Entangled as One overall, yet all with unique perceptions of the whole. To expand our consciousness into the 4th, we focus on what inspires us, empowers us and lifts us up! There is where our world gets flipped upside down. 

The 4th Dimension Overview

There is no solidity in the Universe. A form that seems solid is created by an underlying vibration…that can change and increase. Welcome to the 4th dimension. Many of us have been here a while now, but many more are awakening to this dimension. Here, our perception of Before changes! We have an increased sensitivity to:
Sound, light, people, things in general. We increase our Intuition, synchronicities, feelings/emotions, manifestations, sense of purpose, insight, vitality, presence, cognition, clarity, perspective, influence, perception, abilities and skills, touch, taste, smell, sound.. all senses are increased.
When going from a very linear perspective (3D) to that of many versions, many worlds, many realities, many lifetimes and many possibilities… we can see how difficult the adjusting period can be. To think outside the box is to begin to perceive the 4th dimension of consciousness.

From a Different Perspective

We have established the 3rd and what it means to begin to see beyond the box. The box in the middle representing our 3rd Dimension. Once outside the box, we experience 3D “cubes” or events, from 6 different sides, here we have created many possibilities. Someone so wrapped up with that of the 3rd, can not clearly see beyond their point of possibility. An analogy by Neil deGrasse Tyson on dimensions would be: imagine a table (2D surface) with papers covering the area. From the point of view of an ant, there is no more room. But now we introduce stacking the papers up, creating a 3rd dimensional space… But let’s say a higher intelligence we can not yet perceive, takes the papers and puts them somewhere we can’t see? (Let’s call it “the cloud”) The papers are there and accessible we just can’t see them. This concept can be applied to all questions in the universe and beyond. This is the realm where everything is questioned and there are answers to everything. No longer are we in linear thinking of the past, present and future… it is all Now. Past lives, futures lives, parallel lives are all moments of consciousness being played out.
Question everything and when you’ve questioned it all, go back and start again, the answers will change over and over depending on where you began.

Spiritual Awakening

More and more people are Awakening to a new 4th dimensional reality, realizing that the world we used to think was real, was really far from what we thought it was.
First we start to feel somehow unsatisfied and unhappy with our life. Not understanding what is happening to us. Something is missing….The problem is – we don’t really know what. This is where we receive our personal wake up call.
The awakening process happens in several phases. Simply because our physical body and energy system would not be able to handle a shift to the higher dimensional frequencies over night. This is why the process needs to take place gradually and we are going through so called ascension waves, that are felt and experienced as mental, emotional and physical ups and downs.
Questions come up such as “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?” or “There must be more to life than just paying bills and raising kids”.
In this phase, while healing, we move into recognizing, that we are not the center of the universe, but that there are others we can either live in harmony or disharmony with. We get a glimpse of the fact, that we are not a victim, but a master of our destiny.
This is also often the point in time when we change our diet to more fresh food and animal products gradually drop away from our eating habits.
In this state, we realize that life is a mirror of our own consciousness. Honesty and self-questioning come into play: “Am I really happy?” and if not “Why?” and “What can I do to change it?”. Often, for the first time we come in touch with the feeling of being guided by a higher power or we experience synchronicities for the first time.
At the same time, a lot of our fears and past traumas come to surface and make us aware of things that need healing within us. We recognize that all we can do is embrace it, surrender to it and then let it go. Going through this phase is the toughest part of awakening. It is often referred to as the “dark night of the soul”. This is the phase when we open up for the Fourth Dimension…

Dreams, Astral Plane & Past Lives

The 4th dimension is a lot more complex than we realize & so is the dream world. The dream world can take many forms and many shapes, past, present & future. It’s a symbolic world full of archetypes, messages, releasing, etc. The Astral Plane contains a lot of different elements, it’s the world of geometry & the world of where all thoughts are born. There are also different subplanes within the fourth dimension. This is where we are now as a collective; Which is why we’re experiencing paradoxes & polarities. To understand the dream state we have to understand how the 4th dimension works. 4D is very magical, it has no limits, it’s the world of the imagination & the mind. It can be full of dreams or full of illusions. This is the scratch pad of the conscious mind. This is the realm we use to create our physical reality. Every time we take an action, it is preceded by a thought. This thought enters the mental realm and energizes the elements and atomic particles therein. As more energy is put into the thought, the mind directs the body to act on the thought and hence, outer creation takes place.

The astral plane is usually considered our dream state or the second state of consciousness represented by the element of water, therefore while dreaming… we are unaware of it. The subconscious mind is then projected into our dream world, which means that we are not aware of being there unless we are Lucid dreaming.  Lucid Dreaming is when we are conscious and aware that we are in the dream state.

Since Time is an illusion & from the soul’s point of view everything is now, memories of other lifetimes aka “moments in the 4th dimension”, can come up to show us parts of ourselves that may need healing or, to better understand this plane. Best thing to do is start a Dream Journal, eventually we recognize the patterns.

The 5th Dimension Overview

Welcome to the 5th Dimension. Here we are covering the spirit world, service to others vs self, dissolution of the ego, how to raise our vibration and more!
A short review of the other dimensions: The 1st Dimension of consciousness gave us experience …Conception, which we then were able to Interpret (2nd) Duality, manifesting our realities into Events (3rd), becoming highly aware of our Possibilities (4th), and now learning to manifest directly based on Choice (5th), until eventually transcending Thought (6th), and directly Manifesting our Divine Desires….(7th).
Remember we are multi dimensional beings existing simultaneously in each dimension.

The 5th Dimension is the spirit world/with many dimensions intermingled. Normally we die to enter the 5th BUT we are now evolving & capable of entering this level of consciousness with our bodies. Just less dense… Here we are operating from a place of: Love, Kindness+ Generosity, Forgiveness, Selfless Service, Mindfulness, Awareness into Action and most of all Gratitude.
The 5th Dimension to most, can sound like a fairytale, but many are experiencing this and helping others perceive this as well.
People living in peace and harmony, experiencing oneness with life, fully respecting all people and the earth, equality, no more hunger, poverty or crime, living without Fear and with complete Trust….. This is The New Earth and it is all within us.

The Spirit World

As we know, we are incarnated in the 3rd Dimension but we are also multidimensionally existing in all places simultaneously.
Raising our consciousness we are able to sense the spirit realm that we are also in.
Matter is a form of energy or condensation of energy. Energy is made up of molecules rotating or vibrating at various rates of speed. In a physical 3D world molecules rotate at a very slow and constant rate of speed. That’s why things appear to be solid for our earthly senses. The slower the speed the more solid the thing. In the spirit world, the molecules vibrate at a much faster or ethereal dimension where things are freer and less solid.
Our strongly held beliefs about the nature of reality often prevents our exploration of domains of existence beyond the realm of our body and mind. Our beliefs are realized as representations of our perception of reality. From a metaphysical view, we must realize that our perception is but one single interpretation of how physical reality is manifested. We can see how this works with our collective view of Time, which is created by linear events. But events can occur in a multidimensional state…. Which then becomes one single event.
Therefore Time viewed from other realms can be seen as an illusion.
The Metaphysical domains follow a different channel of reality to our own. We can access these by activating a channel of communication. This channel is created when a person experiences a breakthrough or sudden realization occurring along their strongly held beliefs about the nature of reality.
These epiphanies create these channels for communication or states of being with that of the spirit realm. The more we understand this, the more the realms open to us and we become masters of our own reality.
One thing is for sure… we are never truly alone.

Service to Others

We went over how in the 3rd Dimension, it is understood that we are individuals who are responsible for our own achievements and therefore, it’s all about service to self. However in the 5th Dimension, we Believe in Service to Others vs self. In this level of consciousness information is shared freely, lack of ego satisfaction/no more ego, personal journeys are recognized and valued  Love is seen in all things. Individuals seek to radiate unconditional love individually and collectively. Here: it is understood that we are responsible for each other in a collective strive for community growth as a whole. Here, we are ON

Ego Dissolution or Death of the Ego

The death of the “Self” or “Personality”. But what is the self? What is the personality? What is the Ego? And how do we dissolve it? Not everyone is ready to let go of who they think they are. Who are we without our persona? The amount of energy it takes to maintain our everyday person is more than what we believe. Transformations happen according to the individual’s’ needs for growth. Therefore circumstances and experiences shape this growth.
Everyone is seeking for what they don’t have… which leads us to an endless search, taking us no where. Whether it’s intelligence or wisdom we seek, money, enlightenment or happiness; the essence of life is HOW we are experiencing life right NOW. Not what we have or don’t have but how we handle the process of our life experiences.
The pursuit of happiness is funny, we are never fully satisfied. We are still longing for Not a desire, but a longing to go towards a destination; whether consciously or unconsciously. Life drags us towards a destination while unconsciously experiencing this, unaware of where it’s taking us. We have a choice to be conscious of our destination. This choice is through awareness.
Awareness is not something you Do. The less you do actually, the more aware you become. This effort it takes to maintain our personas can be reduced by just Being….
BE aware. Life itself is awareness.