Akashic Records

Because they hold the records of the soul’s journeys through all lives, some people think the Akashic Records are about past lives. But if you are reading this, you’re an embodied soul who is here , alive and still evolving. And your most important life—plus the one the Akashic Masters are most supremely situated to help you with—is the one you have now.

The Akashic Masters are an Angelic group of Master Teachers and Guides who give you strategic information so you can make the best free-will choices today , in order to shape the future you long to create going forward. During a reading they will speak to you directly, through Joanna, who channels them. But, also during your reading, the Akashic Masters will channel healing light energy through you, bathing you with it in a way that helps you shift: clarifying struggles, illuminating your path ahead, and giving you the freedom to choose new ways of being as you move into grace. In fact, getting an Akashic Reading can be much like getting the sort of life-changing ‘life review’ some people report from near-death experiences…and just as transformative!

The Akashic Masters and Teachers can answer all your questions about about your past, present, and future life and soul path, as well provide information about those who have been or are with you on your journey (including your spirit guides and angels). They can also help you identify and release things that block you, examine underlying motives and habitual responses, and offer solutions for making the changes you desire, so that you can create a life of greater joy, abundance and fulfillment.