Dimensions Explained
Dimensions are not places or locations; they’re levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate.
Each dimension vibrates at a higher rate than the one below. Yet they are all laid simultaneously on top of each other. In each higher dimension, there exists a Clearer, Wider Perspective of Reality, a greater level of knowing. We experience more freedom, greater power, and more opportunity to create Reality. Whatever doesn’t serve us as we raise in vibration and shift in dimension, must fall away. For example; old relationships, lifetime careers, an outdated sense of identity. Shifting from one level of consciousness to another means becoming established on it so we don’t get pulled back.

The first Dimension can be defined as Time, as in an endless time we look into. Another way to describe something that encompasses everything that is or made of, can be described as Light. Matter breaks down to subatomic particles which breaks down into Light or Photons… Consciousness itself. Just like in Geometry, we have a starting point. No width or depth, just a dot. This dot is considered the Creation Point. Conception. Deriving from the word concept. This is where consciousness is born…

Dimensions 1 through 5