Metaphysical healing is a holistic approach that recognizes the mind body connection in the natural healing process.  Healing Mentally takes work. If we are to clear out the subconscious and conscious thoughts and patterns that block us from naturally evolving into a more conscious being, then we are able to open our hearts and face our emotions, that have prevented us from healing the way we were intended to heal.  Our bodies are made up of 4 rooms, our physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. If we do not get to know all 4 intensely, we don’t really know who we are and therefore can not expect others to understand us at a more profound level. Inner work must be done in order for our outer world to reflect such improvements.

Some tools used for healing include;

Crystals, Tarot, Affirmations, Energy Work, Journaling, Meditation, Light Therapy, Aroma Therapy or Forecast your future birthday year with Wonders of Signs

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