How to Raise Your Vibration 

There are millions of ways, like there are millions of stars, to raise our unique vibrations. The key is, how to recognize what works for us and what doesn’t.

We all have a compass inside, guiding us towards what’s best. We can communicate with this compass by Feeling the subtle differences in our bodies, and by our super sensitive emotions. We were all born with this intuitive nature of  knowing, and over time, some of us have forgotten.   But what if there was too much noise or chatter in our head to be worried about this compass.  As a matter of fact, what compass? Who has time for that?

Our internal compass is our vibrational scale.  If we practice to raise our vibration, our realities would become clearer and synchronistic. 

One side being feelings of fear, sadness, despair and the other side- feelings of Love, Joy , Peace and Balance

By checking in with ourselves from time to time, we can become aware of where we stand in our compass, what Vibration we are in at the moment, and if there is a possibility to raise it?  (There’s always a possibility!)

1-Meditation is a great way to turn off the mind chatter, and in silence:

  • feel where we are.. by becoming aware and accountable.
  • feel through the emotion and let them go. (We sometimes don’t know if we are holding resentments from old wounds and when triggered, we become defensive (as in, let’s keep that one under the rug).  But those are the ones we really need to face and learn to let go of, so we may learn the lesson and move on into the next experience.)
  • to not think of time, but as a way to be easily guided by our internal compass.
  • the practice of meditation permanently strengthens the most evolved portion of the human brain The frontal lobe, which is linked to increased abstract thought, cognitive reasoning, creativity and positivity. It also triggers the brain to release naturally occurring neurotransmitters, including dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin and endorphins, which are linked to different aspects of happiness from simple pleasure to a deep sense of calm. Sitting still for even five minutes a day can help us clear the mind, confront and minimize negative conscious and unconscious thinking patterns and connect to the divine space within that transcends thoughts,

2-  Unplug from electronics and go  Outside 

  • Nature follows the rhythm and pattern of life. And the best way to quickly feel and adjust to nature’s natural vibration, is to sit in it.
  • If we enjoy the sound of water, then we sit by the water. If we love listening to the birds in the morning then we go outside and soak in that feeling.
  • Whatever Element Feels the best, we follow that.  Whether it’s Air, Earth, Water or Fire… And all of them together are even better!

3- Listening to Music is an instant shift in Vibration. 

  • Music can instantly shift our moods depending on what we are listening to.
  • Playing music that makes us feel alive and in love are great.
  • Spa/relaxing music can help us calm down when we feel we are being rushed or feeling anxious (this happens more than necessary.)  Life should not be rushed, but enjoyed.
  • Listening to binaural beats helps the left and right hemispheres of our brain connect in ways that help us with our conscious and subconscious thoughts.

4- Self Care – If we are not fully charged how can we Serve others?

  • Massages
  • Baths
  • Energy Healing
  • Self care is a must!
  • Journaling
  • Moving/Dancing/Working out
  • Things that make us go Ahhhhhhhhh
  • If individually we are not whole, how can we expect the world to be loving and whole? We are a very important part of the big picture and self care can help us get there.
  • If one cell in our body is drained or needing repair, the cells around it replicate the same pattern and affect the whole. The same goes for us on Earth, our Galaxy, our Universe and beyond!

5- Practice Service 

  • We don’t get better at becoming better if we don’t practice
  • To become the best version of ourselves, we must ACT what we Know and Feel is best for us, thereby  helping others do the same.
  • To be of service with those we come in contact with at every moment, is to Practice how we would want others to be with us.  After all, we can’t expect others to treat us a certain way if we ourselves aren’t practicing this on a daily.
  • If someone or something gets under our skin, then we practice! Practicing to shift our emotions to those of positivity, can help us See where our past vibrations have been.  Therefore, noticing how much more practice we still need.  When circumstances no longer get under our skin, then we know we have truly practiced.

Raising our vibration is ongoing. Every day we have a chance to practice and get better.   If that doesn’t make us get up every morning ready to see where things go, then what are we really living for?