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Love Your Life Tribe

Upcoming Online Free Workshop

FREE 7 Day Chakra Workshop
9/21 - 9/27/2020 


Elevate your energy, connect with your inner body, manifest a life you love! You will learn to balance your inner and outer body by harmonizing the chakra system. Chakras are energy vortexes or seals within the body that can help us heal from the inside out.
This  Class will teach you everything you need to know about balancing your chakras and keeping yourself in tune daily. We will go in depth, focusing on each chakra and different ways to holistically heal your physical body.

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Weekly Trainings

Weekly Trainings consists of:
Mindset Shifts
Learning about Self
Self Worth Why is it Important?
5 tips to Love Your Life
What is an Energy Block & How to Remove it
How to Raise your Vibration
How to become more Aware
How authentic are you living?
Benefits of having a bucket list
Our conditioned self vs our authentic self
Understanding Neurological Loop Patterns and everything in between.
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"Love Your Life Tribe"

Create A Life You Love

3,6 &12 Month Programs

What if… you could create a Life that you Truly Loved daily, what if that was a reality for you?

Envision yourself in that life. What does it look like?...

Imagine a huge smile on your face when you wake up, because you are grateful, you are excited, and you are ready to live out your purpose and be better than the day before. Is that worth making a few changes and taking some leaps outside your comfort zone?

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Syncretism 101

3 Month Program
What is Syncretism and what are these courses all about?

First let’s define Syncretism:

Syncretism shows how all the Ancient Legendary Stories, Myths, Bibles, Fairy Tales etc, all have one simple common origin. In all of these wonderful ancient classics, the Personae are always the same, under different names.

Earth: Basics (Nature)
Water: Mind Body Spirit
Air: The Macrocosm
Fire: The Microcosm
Eather: As Above So Below