2020 Workshops

Syncretism 101 1/11/2020

Level: Earth

Earth: Basics (Nature)

  1. Seasons (The Wave of the UNIverse)
  1. The Ecliptic
  1. Cosmic Clock

Syncretism 101 1/18/2020

Level: Water

Water: Mind. Body. Spirit.

  1. Left Brain vs Right Brain
  2. Nutrition & Health
  3. Meditation
  4. Finding Balance


Astrology Talk (TBD)

Let's talk astrology, why is it important and how does it impact your everyday life. Who are you? What is your tribe? What are your sun and moon signs?

Upcoming Online Classes

Balance Your Chakras DATE TBD 


Elevate your energy, connect with your inner body, manifest a life you love! You will learn to balance your inner and outer body by harmonizing the chakra system. Chakras are energy vortexes or seals within the body that can help us heal from the inside out.
This  Class will teach you everything you need to know about balancing your chakras and keeping yourself in tune daily. We will go in depth, focusing on each chakra and different ways to holistically heal your physical body.