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Want Guidance or need a coach?

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Want to work with Joanna Crowder? She specializes in Life & Mindset Coaching, Meditation, Shadow work & Readings.

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Want to work with R.L.? He specializes in Life Coaching & Spiritual Mentoring. 

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Want to work with Michelle Swist? She specializes in Intuitive Energy Work & Crystal Healing.

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Want to work with Laura Antonelli? She specializes in Holistic Health & Wellness.

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Have you ever gone to a restaurant that everyone talks about, but when you get there, you're not sure what to try because it all looks good? Then you flip the menu and BOOM they have a "Sampler Menu Item" so you can try a little bit of each..... That's what this is in a sense.

A ONE month package broken up into 4 sessions.

  • Ask yourself which chakras need the most help?
  • Choose 4 of your favorite team members
  • Schedule a time to work with them (one each week)

An Amazing way to LEVEL UP, work with us one on one, and get a deep Chakra Tune Up.

Ready to find out more?

The energy exchange for this package is $240



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